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70km – love hills

Taking in White Down and a cake stop in Peaslake, this is a great ride if you have 3 hours and some strength in your legs.

Rough directions:

  • Start in Teddington,
  • Head down through Bushy Park, across the river, and then take the back roads to Esher
  • From Esher head South to Cobham
  • From Cobham head South again – watch out for the lethal temporary traffic lights on the bridge over the railway at Effingham – they change too quickly for bikes.
  • Briefly join the A246 in Horsley – but then take the narrow and uphill Chalk Lane short cut.
  • Wind your way up the first proper climb – up onto the top of the North Downs ridge
  • A short sharp descent into Leith
  • Cross the A25 into Shere
  • Cut through the village (avoiding pubs and morris dancers) and up another hill on the far side.
  • Cross the railway bridge then first left towards Peaslake
  • Keep going… all the way to Peaslake Village Stores – heaven!

After a very good value coffee, hot sausage roll and a cake…

  • Head left up the dirty looking Radnor Road
  • Climb, climb, climb up Holmbury Hill – a category 4 climb – 100 m up in 3km
  • After the hill, take the first proper left – towards Holmbury
  • Turn left again when you get to Holmbury – find the B2126 and head North for a fast few miles
  • On a blind corner… turn right up Raikes Lane (signposted for Leith?)
  • Check out The Volunteer pub – has a good beer garden for the Summer
  • Up the steep but short hill… enjoy it… the next hill will be steeper and not be so short…
  • Carry on, cross the A25… then the fun starts…
  • A couple of warm up inclines, then across the railway bridge and on to White Down Hill
  • Category 4 – 80m up in 2 and a bit kilometers most of it focussed in 5 minutes of pain (18%)
  • Straight ahead when you get to the Ranmore Common crossroads at the top
  • A nice descent (with one little uphill thrown in)
  • Keep going straight through Effingham
  • Take a right just after Effingham junction
  • Then you’re back on the road “home” – through Cobham, Esher, Molesey…
Peaslake - cafe run - White Down
distance: 73.5 km
length: 152 hilliness: 119

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